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My wedding's coming soon!

People always say that there is plenty of time before the wedding comes. But that is not always true! Once you start getting ready for your own party, you feel like time is slipping away. There is so much to do but where can we get extra time?
Here is my preparation story:
The whole proposal was like a dream! You know, rose petals, aroma candle, and a bottle of champagne added some touching notes. I always thought that crying scene was so girlish and that I would never do the same, but I just could not fight the tears back. The whole thing was so unexpected! As soon as he got down on his knee and asked me "Will you marry me?", I started to cry. Thinking of that day brings a smile to my face. When the whole "drama" was over, I could finally take a good look at the ring. I didn't even realize that he had given me such an amazing ring! At first my imagination played a trick on me, I saw completely different thing rather than it truly was, but only 20 minute later I'd realized how beautiful it was.
So, here we are, five months later, getting ready for a big day =)
I think that the dress part would be the most interesting for the reader, so won't keep you waiting.
My mom is a professional dress maker, so we thought that there is nothing easier rather than to ask her to make me one. But of course it would be better to have a base to only decorate it. So, here we go to buy a simple dress. I wasn't so enthusiastic about trying all the dresses on, but the time was ticking. We went to few boutiques, nothing breathtaking. Then we found a tiny little store. Of course, I saw all the dresses I've put on in the previous stores, but then I SAW IT... Oh, my! That was it! Imagine the most gorgeous, unbelievably beautiful dress, the one that only the queens are aloud to wear, that's it! One meter long train with laces and pearl color buttons on ( button it up), tight corset, and the silky cloth texture. What can be better? Sure, I bought it with no hesitation.
My BF bought a costume as well, but he refuses to show it to me since he is not aloud to look at the dress =) So, there is not much that I can tell you about his costume and stuff.
At th end of my miracle story, I would like to give an advice to all brides, don't worry, this day will come and there is nothing else for you to do rather than relax and enjoy it!
by Rita Sterlikova (Zatsepina in future)
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